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Lovethatstuff, Fair Trade importers

Fair Trade e-commerce website and Brighton Marina Shop
A wonderful shopping experience if you're into Fair Trade and ethically produced goods of all kinds. Lovethatstuff is a world leader in bare faced cheek, despite international courier rip offs, over exuberant customs officers and other bureaucracy too daft and overpriced to mention.

Lovethatstuff, established in 2003, continues to be an innovator and a facilitator for disadvantaged producer groups from 41 different countries around the world.

Hats off. Lovethatstuff and Hanover Graphics continue to work together hand in hand since day one.
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Dark Matter CD Promo
These guys are clients, colleagues, friends, What's the most important of those three? You decide. Are they a band, a duo, or two songwriters?Probably all three.

Since I started working with I Dreamed I Was Awake we have become an indomitable trio and scaled the heights of what's reasonable.

Love working with you guys and there's plenty more in the tank. Oh I nearly forgot, they also make some great music.

I Dreamed I Was Awake

Arts, Music and Ideas
As above, these are the same guys, Ollie and Darris. This was the first site I built for them, mostly working on a weekly or fortnightly basis, one to one.

Full of interesting articles on life, love, death, the universe and everything. Read stuff by the likes of PD Ouspensky, RM Rilke, Brassai, Lee Miller, Anna Akhmatova and Kathleen O'Dwyer, amongst others. Watch videos of Jacques Brel, JJ Cale and The Fugs.

The boys wanted a site that would reflect all the things they love. It had to be whacky too. Darris is the master of the one-liner. We've had such fun doing this site. Whenever he leaves, he always has a parting shot. Either something witty or profound. Respect.
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Musa Mboob

Gambian Master Percussionist
Musa is a supremely talented international drummer, percussionist, singer and composer. His site needed to reflect that across just three pages. This is a basic website package. I expect this recently published site to grow as Musa steps up his itinerary in 2017.

In time it will feature a detailed gig diary, an audio player and news updates of special events and promotions. If you're in the mood for fun and joy, check out the video on Musa's home page, but first put on your dancing shoes.

I'm looking forward to working with Musa again in the spring when he returns to the UK from the Gambia.

The Punk History of Brighton
This was my first stab at building a website. Launched in January 2000, it is still going strong today with well over 20 million hits. Despite all the hits, I've hardly made a cent out of this site, but it was never about that. It was always about the music and the social history. And of course learning the strange journey that is website construction. In 2001 punkbrighton was nominated for a Yahoo Web Award.

Now my baby is about to turn seventeen, it's high time I rebuilt the site in line with mobile friendly devices. But it's a mammoth task. One day I will get started...

Punkbrighton tells the story of the Brighton punk scene from 1976-1981. Featuring 69 Brighton punk bands over those seminal five years, the legendary Attrix Records and Vaultage Trilogy of albums, plus an mp3 jukebox with free downloads, archives back to year zero, classic punk album reviews, Stuart Jones' Attrix Memoirs and much more.
One of the best punk resources on the web
Alex Ogg, author No More Heroes (Cherry Red) - A Complete History of UK Punk 1976-1980
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