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Calexico Hot Rail

I've loved this band for years, ever since a pal introduced them to me with probably illegally burned copies when times were particularly tough. Then found and scanned these old images of Commander Cody and a rather splendid Native American Indian

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Modern Blue Various Artists

Did this for fun. Another party compilation, this CD sleeve was inspired by the artists. It may not be blues music but the sentiments are entirely blue

Cowboy Angels Sons & Daughters

Debut CD by my own band, wanted a retro-minimal feel for the sleeve plus 4-page booklet, something befitting urban cowboys in the UK.

Cowboy Angels
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Modern Love Various Artists

Did this for fun too. Put together a compilation of all my top tunes for a party CD so had to make a sleeve. I chose what I saw as modern love songs and wanted a cover that reflected the mood of the music and the times.

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Dick Damage & Punkdaddy TSDS

In his prime in the Brighton punk days Dick Damage hardly recorded anything, apart from a few tapes from live gigs. His forté was performance. 30 years on, in 2007 he was persuaded by punkdaddy to bring along his lyrics and his larynx and they would put down some choons.The result was TSDS (The Shit Dont Stick), the self penned title track of the album.

punkbrighton website
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