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Promo A3 and A4 poster and A5 flyer for rock concert at Kidderminster Town Hall

The brief: publicity campaign featuring posters, flyers, T-shirts and tickets.

As it happens, all 500 tickets sold, a large percentage online.
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Promo poster for the Midsummer Madness concert at Kidderminster Town Hall featuring Stan Webb, Zoot Money and The Tribe.
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The Fundamentals

Second wave of posters to advertise the gig
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Alternative Rock gig at Six Bells, Chiddingly, for Brighton band The Fundamentals
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Laminated A3 Point of Sale posters for local fishmonger

Below: An additional poster. Both still up in the fish shop after six years. Money well spent, I'd say.
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Part of a pair of A2 POS posters for local fishmonger.
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A2 trilogy of Point of Sale A2 foam board display posters

All the cuts you'll ever need.
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Trilogy of A2 foam board display posters for local butchers, who also supply the catering trade.

Designed with overseas visitors in mind to help them order specific cuts of meat. Also comes in lamb and beef!
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