About Hanover Graphics

Hanover Graphics Brighton goes back a long way, from a long thin line when Herbert begat John and the world turned on Uranus. Founded in 2006 in a flurry of life-changing action, so there’s at least a decade at the coal face. HGB is run by Mr Philby Ford, the proprietor.

An open sort of geezer who takes your graphical problems on board and plays with them until you are very happy and chipper. Be warned, he may keep in touch by smartphone, tablet and laptop, so you could be at his beck and call 24/7.

In these times of less is more, true lies and pulp fiction, like-minded people everywhere must continue to fight for equality, liberty and fraternity. Until once again, united, untamed and unafraid, we can stand shoulder to shoulder with our fourbears.

About Philby

Born in the post-war austerity years. The Coronation, the Korean War, Elizabethan aeroplanes, prams, washboards, coppers (both types), scrag-end, sheep's head, shelling fresh peas, watching mum cook, having a stir, taking it all in…

Dad was a soldier. A proud, upright, strong and resilient man prone to bouts of anger and retribution.
Me and my six brothers and sisters all suffered his unpredictable temper and paranoia. Somehow you get through it.

My way was to write, draw, paint, build and play incessantly. As a teenager I took up the guitar. Later on, it was Letraset, a 10A scalpel and a can of Spray Mount and Tipp-Ex.. It's kind of been that way ever since. The tools may change but the job is the same.
Was I damaged by my upbringing? Without a doubt. My brothers and sisters too. Am I honest about it? I learnt so much from my old man in so many different ways.

Somehow you get through it stronger and pretty soon you become someone's old man yourself.

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